PreSonus AudioBox USB 96錄音介面 25週年紀念版

NT$4,400 NT$5,280

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96錄音介面 25週年紀念版

  • 24 位分辨率和 44.1、48、88.2 和 96 kHz 採樣率
  • 專業級 A/D/A 轉換器(+105 dBu 動態範圍)
  • 通過內部混頻器進行零延遲監控
  • 與大多數 Mac® 和 Windows® 錄音軟件兼容
  • 2 個兩用前面板輸入通道,每個通道都帶有高品質麥克風前置放大器
  • 2 個組合麥克風/樂器輸入
  • 具有 0 至 +35 dBu 麥克風增益範圍的單獨通道微調控制
  • 用於電容話筒的 48V 幻象電源
  • 混音器控制(將輸入信號與計算機播放流混合以實現零延遲監聽)
  • 帶電平控制的耳機插孔
  • 主輸出電平控制
  • 每個通道的 LED 剪輯指示燈
  • Studio One®藝術家
  • Studio Magic 插件套件
  • 1/3U 可機架安裝(帶有可選的 3UMR 機架安裝系統)
  • 全金屬底盤和金屬旋鈕,堅固耐用的公路結構
  • 僅重 5 磅(2.3 千克)
  • 通過 USB 總線供電 – 沒有壁疣!

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PreSonus AudioBox USB 96錄音介面 25週年紀念版

PreSonus AudioBox USB 96錄音介面 25週年紀念版

Whether you are a musician, producer, or podcaster on a tight budget, the AudioBox USB® 96 audio interface is for you! This simple, handy little audio/MIDI interface has just the right features for basic recording needs, allowing you to plug in and start recording up to 24-bit, 96 kHz audio right away. Bus-powered and built to travel, the AudioBox USB 96 makes recording easy.The AudioBox USB 96 audio interface’s two front-panel combo mic/instrument inputs make it ideal for singer/songwriters, podcasters, and guitar or guitar-bass collaborations. Simply connect a couple of mics and you have an easy-to-use stereo recording system. A mix control lets you control the level between the input signal and computer playback, without hearing annoying delays. You also get a pair of balanced line-level outputs, an ultra-loud, crystal-clear headphone out, plus MIDI I/O, so you can connect your favorite synth or MIDI controller. The result is a simple, affordable, mobile recording solution.Here is a mobile audio interface in the best sense of the term. We gave the AudioBox USB 96 a heavy-duty steel chassis so it can take a serious pounding and remain completely reliable. Its screaming-loud headphone output ensures you can hear your music loud and clear, even in noisy locations. And it’s USB 2.0 bus-powered, so you can record with it anywhere you can use a laptop. Simply drop it in your laptop bag or slap it on a tabletop.


  • 1 個 USB 2.0 端口
  • 2 個組合 XLR/¼” 麥克風/樂器輸入
  • 2 個平衡 ¼” 主 (L/R) 線路輸出
  • 1 個立體聲 ¼” 耳機輸出
  • MIDI 輸入/輸出

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