Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 訊號轉換盒

Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 電池/幻象供電 DI 盒是一個外場工作者的利器、錄音工作室也是如此。DI100 可以處理將您的不平衡吉他、貝司和鍵盤訊號轉換為音控台/錄音介面需要的無噪音平衡信號所有重要任務。
借助 DI100 的Pad衰減開關,將主動琴強大訊號而爆錶頭音訊衰減下來。

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NT$2,200 NT$3,000

Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 訊號轉換盒

  • 用於舞台和演播室應用的多用途訊號盒
  • 為儀器與混頻器和放大器的直接連接提供阻抗和信號匹配
  • 由 Behringer OT-1 變壓器提供的超平坦頻率響應
  • 使用幻象電源時,內部電池會自動關閉
  • 允許直接連接到高達 3,000W 的揚聲器輸出
  • 可切換輸入衰減允許輸入電平高達 +50dB
  • Groundlift 開關消除了典型的接地迴路問題
  • TRS 和鍍金 XLR 連接器
  • 超堅固、適合道路行駛的鋁製外殼
  • 可疊放的超大橡膠角
  • 高品質組件和異常堅固的結構確保了長壽命和耐用性

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The Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 Battery/Phantom Powered DI Box is a road warrior.

Studio warrior, too. Onstage and in the studio, the DI100 handles the all-important task of converting your unbalanced guitar, bass, and keyboard sources into the noise-free balanced signals your console wants to see.

Thanks to the DI100’s pad, you can even connect it to the output of your guitar amp! Of course, you get a groundlift, and the internal battery shuts down when phantom power is applied.

Great sound – in a road-tough aluminum case with stackable rubber corners – that’s Behringer’s Ultra-DI DI100.

Behringer Ultra-DI DI100 Battery/Phantom Powered DI Box Features at a Glance:

Multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications

Provides impedance and signal matching for direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers

Ultra-flat frequency response courtesy of Behringer OT-1 transformer

Internal battery automatically shuts off when phantom power is applied

Internal battery automatically shuts off when phantom power is applied

Switchable input attenuation allows input levels of up to +50dB

Groundlift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems

TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors

Ultra-rugged, road-suitable aluminum case

High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life and durability

貨號: 11808001 分類: , 標籤: , , ,
  • 類型:DI
  • 軌數:1
  • 墊:-20分貝,-40分貝
  • 地面接地:是的
  • 輸入:1 x 1/4", 1 x XLR
  • 輸出:1 x XLR,1 x 1/4"(鏈接輸出)
  • 電源供應:18-48V幻象電源/9V電池
  • 高度:5.905"
  • 深度:5.118"
  • 寬度:2.362"
  • 重量:1.43 磅。

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