Darkglass MICROTUBES B7K 10週年紀念款 木盒Case



Darkglass B7K 10th 這個限量版是對讓我們開始使用踏板的慶祝——這是對每一位相信切入混音冒險的貝斯手的致敬,也是對我們自卑微的開始以來所獲得的難以置信的支持和忠誠的讚揚。10週年收藏木盒採用特製,經典收藏木盒,曜石面板黑,漫長文字以極簡文字講述,全球400顆,獻給墨鏡粉絲們!

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Darkglass MICROTUBES B7K 10週年紀念款 木盒Case

B7K 10th 這個限量版是對讓我們開始使用踏板的慶祝——這是對每一位相信切入混音冒險的貝斯手的致敬,也是對我們自卑微的開始以來所獲得的難以置信的支持和忠誠的讚揚。10週年收藏木盒採用特製,經典收藏木盒,曜石面板黑,漫長文字以極簡文字講述,全球400顆,獻給墨鏡粉絲們!

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K V2 10 週年特點:

  • 慶祝經典踏板問世 10 週年
  • 帶飽和電路的低音前置放大器踏板和DI功能
  • 4 段均衡器可塑造您的音色
  • 電平旋鈕設置OverDriven的音量
  • 驅動旋鈕控製過載信號的飽和度
  • Blend 旋鈕調節清音和過載信號之間的比率
  • Grunt 開關撥入低頻飽和量
  • 起音開關調節高頻飽和量
  • 並行處理的並行輸出
  • 用於運行到 PA 系統和調音台的直接輸出

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Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K V2 10th-anniversary Bass Preamp Pedal Features:

Celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iconic pedal

Bass preamp pedal and DI box with saturation circuit

4-band EQ for shaping your tone

Level knob sets the volume of your overdriven signal_

Drive knob controls the amount of saturation in your overdriven signal

Blend knob adjusts the ratio between clean and overdriven signals

Grunt switch dials in the amount of low-frequency saturation

Attack switch tunes in the amount of high-frequency saturation

Parallel output for parallel processing

Direct output for running into PA systems and mixing consoles

The Microtubes B7K V2’s 4-band EQ is powerful enough to place it on many Sweetwater bassists’ board. But Darkglass has upped the game with their helpful Attack and Grunt switches, fine-tuning the pedal’s character. But that wasn’t enough tonal tweaking for the engineers at Darkglass.

Whether you’re looking to pull the mids back for top-end attack and a huge bottom, or wanting to push them for a punchier tone, the Microtubes B7K V2 nails it.

The Microtubes B7K V2 bass preamp pedal from Darkglass Electronics is so much more than an excellent DI. It’s also a pedal-sized preamp and aggressive-sounding drive.

The Microtubes B7K V2 employs the same dynamic saturation circuit and 4-band EQ and balanced line driver that has put Darkglass on thousands of bassists’ boards.

Yet, the Grunt and Attack controls give the V2 unparalleled tonal shaping abilities. And dual outputs make parallel processing and running your signal to a PA or mixing console a piece of cake.

Darkglass Microtubes B7K V2 10th-anniversary Edition

Sets the volume of the overdriven signal

This limited edition is a celebration of the pedal that got us started – this is a tribute to every bass player that believed in the adventure of cutting into the mix and a commendation for the incredible support and loyalty that we have received since our humble beginnings.





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  • 類型:Bass Preamp with Overdrive
  • 商品類型:踏板
  • EQ:4 段均衡器
  • 輸入:1 x 1/4"
  • 輸出:1 x 1/4"(主輸出)、1 x 1/4"(並行輸出)、1 x XLR(直接輸出)
  • 電源:9V DC 中央負電源(另售)
  • 電流:30mA
  • 高度:1.81"
  • 寬度:3.70"
  • 深度:4.72"
  • 重量:.70 磅。
  • 零件編號:B7K2BK