Presonus Eris E7 XT 監聽喇叭

PreSonus Eris E7 XT 提供深沉的低音、平滑的高音和令人印象深刻的成像,這要歸功於一流的驅動器與創新的 EBM 波導和最先進的前置端口外殼協同工作。使用大量的聲學調諧控件為您的房間量身定制這款錄音室監聽器,並通過完整的平衡和非平衡輸入輕鬆連接到您的其他設備。

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NT$17,600 NT$19,800

This item: Presonus Eris E7 XT 監聽喇叭
NT$17,600 NT$19,800
NT$17,600 NT$19,800
NT$7,600 NT$8,600
NT$34,000 NT$35,000

Presonus Eris E7 XT 監聽喇叭

  • 6.55英寸編織複合低頻換能器
  • 1.25 英寸(32 毫米)、超低質量、絲質圓頂、高頻換能器
  • 100˚(H) x 60˚(V) EBM 波導和端口外殼
  • 精確混音輪廓的調諧控制(Level、HPF、LF Trim、HF Trim、Acoustic Space)
  • 130 瓦 AB 類雙功放驅動高達 104 dB 的聲音
  • 平衡 XLR、TRS 和非平衡 RCA 輸入
  • 104 dB 最大連續 SPL
  • 針對 RF 干擾、極端輸出電流、過熱等的可靠保護

一流的驅動器和革命性的 EBM 波導

Eris E7 XT 憑藉其一流的驅動器提供水晶般清晰的聲音。一個 6.5 英寸編織複合低頻換能器與前置端口外殼共同工作,產生超緊密的低音和恆定的擴散模式,以最大限度地減少時間拖尾。1.5英寸絲質圓頂高頻驅動器擁有準確的瞬態再現,並且由於 Presonus 的革命性 EBM 波導,超寬甜點。更重要的是,EBM 波導的窄垂直色散減少了來自您桌面的反射,為您提供乾淨的聲音和堅如磐石的立體聲圖像。


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The Eris E5 XT delivers crystal-clear sound thanks to its first-rate drivers.

A 5-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer works jointly with a front-ported enclosure to produce ultratight lows and a constant dispersion pattern to minimize time smearing.

A 1-inch silk-dome high-frequency driver boasts accurate transient reproduction and, thanks to Presonus’s revolutionary EBM waveguide, a super wide sweet spot. What’s more,

the EBM waveguide’s narrow vertical dispersion decreases reflections from your desk, supplying you with clean sound and a rock-solid stereo image. We’re impressed by the Eris E5 XT’s performance here at Sweetwater — for the money, it’s an excellent studio monitor.

Tailoring the PreSonus Eris E5 XT to your room is a piece of cake by virtue of its plentiful acoustic tuning controls. A gain knob enables you to set the monitor’s output greater or less than unity gain.

Mid-frequency and high-frequency trim controls make compensating for your room’s deficiencies easy.

You also get a low-cut highpass filter for subwoofer integration and an acoustic space control for taming the boundary issues that will inevitably arise if you place the Eris E5 XT in a corner or near a wall.

Solid protection against RF interference, extreme output current, excessive heat, and more

80-watt, Class AB bi-amplification exhibits 102dB of maximum continuous output

Balanced and unbalanced inputs ensure easy connectivity with the rest of your gear

Acoustic tuning controls for tailoring the monitor to your room

Innovative 100° x 60° EBM waveguide yields a wide sweet spot and solid imaging

State-of-the-art front-ported enclosure produces tight bass frequencies

1″ silk-dome high-frequency driver boasts smooth highs



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  • 供電:是的
  • 電源配置:主動式
  • 低頻驅動器尺寸:6.5" 低音喇叭
  • 低頻驅動器類型:機織複合材料
  • 高頻驅動器尺寸:1.25" 高音喇叭
  • 高頻驅動器類型:絲綢圓頂
  • 低頻驅動功率放大器:75W
  • 高頻驅動功率放大器:65W
  • 總功率:80W AB級擴大器
  • 頻率響應:42Hz-20kHz
  • 交叉頻率:2.5kHz
  • 最大峰值 SPL:104 分貝聲壓級
  • 輸入類型:1 x XLR、1 x 1/4"、1 x RCA
  • 可調變數:Low cut (80Hz, 100Hz), Over temperature protection, RF interference protection, Mid and High frequency boost/cut
  • 外殼類型:前置端口
  • 外殼材料:乙烯基層壓中密度纖維板
  • 高度:365mm(單一顆)
  • 寬度:240mm(單一顆)
  • 深度:242mm(單一顆)
  • 重量:8.4kg(單一顆)