RODE VideoMic Me-L Lightning iPhone/iPad麥克風

NT$2,990 NT$3,520

This item: RODE VideoMic Me-L Lightning iPhone/iPad麥克風
NT$2,990 NT$3,520
NT$2,990 NT$3,520
1 × Telefunken 德律風根 M80 動圈式麥克風 烤漆藍

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RODE VideoMic Me-L Lightning iPhone/iPad麥克風

VideoMic™ Me-L 是一款適用於您的 iPhone® 或 iPad®(帶有 Lightning 接口)的高品質麥克風,旨在為您在拍攝視頻時提供令人難以置信的音頻。麥克風的方向性降低了周圍的噪音,專注於您正在拍攝的內容,確保您的視頻聽起來清晰易懂。3.5 毫米插孔提供用於音頻監聽和播放的耳機輸出。

VideoMic Me-L 配有麥克風夾以確保麥克風安全可靠,毛茸茸的擋風玻璃適合在戶外和惡劣天氣條件下拍攝。

VideoMic Me-L 兼容所有帶有 Lightning 端口並運行 iOS 11 或更高版本的 Apple iOS 設備。

如果您正在尋找適用於您的 android 手機或 USB-C 移動設備的選項


RODE VideoMic Me-L Lightning iPhone/iPad麥克風

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RODE VideoMic Me-L Lightning iPhone/iPad麥克風

VideoMic Me-C Directional Microphone For USB C DevicesThe VideoMic Me-C is a high-quality microphone for your USB-C mobile device, designed to give you incredible audio when shooting video. The microphone’s directionality reduces surrounding noises to focus on exactly what you’re filming, ensuring your videos sound clear and intelligible. The 3.5mm jack provides a headphone output for audio monitoring and playback.The VideoMic Me-C comes with a mic clip to ensure the mic is secure and a furry windshield suitable for filming in outdoor and adverse weather conditions.The VideoMic Me-C is compatible with most mobile devices that have a USB-C input and are running the latest operating system (Android OS 10/iOS 11 or higher).Key Features: Designed for mobile devices with a USB-C input (including Android and iOS devices) 3.5mm headphone output jack Furry windshield included Direct monitoring Works seamlessly with the RØDE Reporter App, Camera, and other recording appsRØDE Reporter AppRØDE Reporter is a recording companion app that allows you to easily record and publish professional-sounding audio from your mobile device. It is free to download on the Apple App Store or via Google Play.Easy Audio MonitoringMonitor your audio in real-time with a waveform display so you can easily monitor your levels and make sure they’re not peaking while recording with the VideoMic Me-C.Flexibility for your RecordingsRØDE Reporter allows you to switch between standard (uncompressed) recording mode or compressed recording mode. In compressed mode, there is also the option to enable variable bitrate recording (128, 256, 320Kbps) so you can choose the output that works best for you.Update your FirmwareRØDE Reporter also allows you to update the firmware on your VideoMic Me-C. If you are experiencing problems or poor sound quality from your VideoMic Me-C then updating the firmware usually resolves the issue – so be sure to check you have the latest firmware installed.



聲學原理 壓力梯度駐極體冷凝器
有源電子 不適用
極坐標圖 心形
頻率範圍 20Hz-20kHz
信噪比 74.5 分貝
等效噪聲 19.5 dBA SPL(根據 IEC651)
最大聲壓級 115 dB SPL (1kHz @ 1m)
電源要求 由 iOS 設備提供支持
輸出連接 閃電,3.5mm TRS
模擬輸出 3.5 毫米 TRS 耳機插孔
計算機連接 閃電接頭
同步輸入/輸出 1進2出
位深 24 位
採樣率 44.1 和 48 kHz
直接監聽 是的
總線供電 是的
操作系統要求 iOS 11
等效輸入噪聲@最大增益 不適用


顏色 黑色的
重量(克) 28
包裝重量(克) 143
尺寸(長 x 寬 x 高,毫米) 73.5 x 20.2 x 25.7
封裝尺寸(長 x 寬 x 高,毫米) 126 x 65 x 177
兼容的 RØDE 配件 新的 WS-9(與上一代 WS-9 不兼容)