Schecter C-6 PRO AQB 漸層綠 原木樹瘤 電吉他

Schecter C-6 Pro 擁有現代金屬吉他手所需的一切。以現代設計包裝。琴身和琴頸引人注目的 Poplar Burl 面板是一項高品質存在,下面是豐富的桃花心木琴身,吉他的手感提供了重量和真實感。超薄的“C”形琴頸可讓您極快的速度在 Wenge 指板上上下移動。

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NT$23,100 NT$28,000

Schecter C-6 PRO AQB 漸層綠 原木樹瘤 電吉他

Schecter C-6 PRO AQB 漸層綠 原木樹瘤 電吉他

  • 共振桃花心木琴身產生溫暖的聲音和令人印象深刻的延音
  • 自有品牌的 Diamond Decimator 拾音器
  • 2 旋鈕控制與 2 顆雙拾音器,並且可以透過音量扭上拉,切換成單線圈

    Single Coil

  • 舒適的 Thin-C 琴頸輪廓提供輕鬆的可玩性
  • Floyd Rose 鎖定顫音讓您自信地潛水
  • 漂亮的紅木琴身和楓木琴頸打造,並配有一根貫穿其中的碳纖維桁架桿


Schecter C-6 PRO AQB 

C-6 配備 Schecter 自有品牌著名的 Diamond Decimator 拾音器。生產中一些最好的自製 humbuckers。抽取器產生大量高輸出中頻,其形狀可以切割分層和廣泛的混音。但它們在音色上是多才多藝的,適用於溫暖的清潔和緊緻、鬆脆的過載。


2 旋鈕控制與 2 顆雙拾音器,並且可以透過音量扭上拉,切換成單線圈Single Coil


Schecter 了解持久的調諧穩定性和堅固的硬件的重要性。您會發現安裝在 C-6 上的頂級 Schecter 定制硬尾琴橋或 Floyd Rose Special 顫音。

搭配 Graph Tech 螺母,Reaper 是一款能夠承受激進的演奏風格和道路懲罰的吉他。


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The PT Pro is an eye-catching creation from Schecter. Showcasing a stylish quilted maple veneer top,

blacked-out hardware, and binding, this guitar has all of the creature comforts a player can ask for. It’s equipped with an alder body, maple neck, and a pair of Schecter’s vintage-inspired Z-Plus humbucking pickups. Each pickup can be split into a single-coil pickup to maximize tonal versatility.

And if you regularly play on dark stages, you’ll love the glow-in-the-dark side dot markers. Whether you’re gigging or kicking back at home, the PT Pro will quickly become one of your favorite axes.

Old-school styling with modern playability

At first glance, this axe may seem like a traditional T-style guitar. But the PT Pro is anything but traditional. It has tons of upgrades that will help you take your playing to a new level

First, the PT body has an eye-catching quilted maple top that your audience will love. It has upgraded Schecter USA pickups, extra switching options

and stainless steel saddles to enhance your sustain. The Thin C neck profile keeps just the right amount of wood in your hands without getting in the way of your playing. Meanwhile

a 14″ fretboard radius and 22 extra-jumbo frets work together so your bends won’t choke out during your big solo./p>

The PT Pro is loaded with a set of Schecter USA Z-Plus humbucking pickups. Arguably the most impressive upgrade of the bunch, these pickups perfectly re-create the powerful tone of the earliest Schecter creations.

They’re punchy, with medium output and a well-defined attack. As if the factory tone isn’t good enough already,

both pickups feature 12 fully-adjustable high-carbon pole pieces. That allows you to tweak all 24 pole pieces to achieve your perfect tone. Trust us, once you plug in for the first time, you’ll have a hard time putting it down.

Switching options that today’s players demand


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技術規格 • 型號名稱:C-6 Pro

• 產品編號:3632

• 產地:印尼

• 吉他顏色:Aqua Burst(AQB) 琴頸


• 指板:Wenge 雞翅木


• 鑲嵌:偏移/反向圓點

• 刻度:25.5 英寸(648 毫米)

• 琴頸形狀:超薄'C'

• 1 品處的厚度:0.748 英寸(19 毫米)/第 12 品處:0.787 英寸(20 毫米)

• 品絲:22 X-Jumbo

• 指板半徑:14 英寸(355 毫米)

•琴弦:Graph Tech XL 黑色 Tusq

•琴弦寬度:1.653 英寸(42 毫米)

•桁架桿:帶 5/32” (4mm) 內六角螺母的 2 向可調桿


• 吉他顏色:Aqua Burst(AQB)

• 硬件顏色:黑色

• 頂部輪廓:半徑頂部

• 靈巧:右手

• 結構:螺栓固定


•琴橋:Schecter 定製、串通琴身


• 控制:音量(推拉)/音量/三路開關

• 琴橋拾音器:Schecter Diamond Decimator

• 琴頸拾音器:Schecter Diamond Decimator


• 旋鈕:金屬滾花帶固定螺絲

• 琴弦:Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky #2221 (.010-.046)

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