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NT$4,990 NT$6,500

This item: YAMAHA PRS-E273 電子琴
NT$4,990 NT$6,500
NT$4,990 NT$6,500
NT$43,600 NT$44,600
NT$72,500 NT$79,800


E273 是擁有61鍵的初階手提式鍵盤PSR-E273,具有多樣化的聲音和功能,對於在啟蒙階段的音樂愛好者來說,此款是最理想的電子琴首選。

  • 測驗模式
  • 智慧和弦
  • 401 種優質音效,143 種自動伴奏風格
  • 112 首曲目,輕鬆彈奏的曲譜(可透過網路下載)
  • 教學功能
  • 錄音功能
  • AUX IN 插孔,可連接外部音源
  • 總 EQ/超寬立體聲
  • 二重奏模式
  • 小巧且可攜式設計
  • 電池運作 (AAx6)


選擇並播放各種樂器的音色。如果您只單純地彈奏鋼琴音,請按[PORTABLE GRAND]/[攜帶式平台鋼琴]按鈕。










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An Excellent Arranger for Beginners

When Yamaha set out to create the best beginner keyboard possible. This portable arranger is packed to the gills with more. It has 61 full-size keys, 32-note polyphony, 401 impressive instrument voices, and 143 accompaniment styles. The PSR-E273 also includes the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.), which helps you learn how to play piano with fun, interactive exercises.

As your playing skills grow, you can play along to 112 onboard songs. For ease of use, the PSR-E273 includes a Portable Grand Piano button that takes you back to the piano voice for practicing or performing. Yamaha’s portable arranger keyboards are favored by musicians at Sweetwater because of their impressive functionality and compact construction. So if you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, you can’t go wrong with the Yamaha PSR-E273.

Adding awesome upgrades

The Yamaha PSR-E273 is the successor to the PSR-E263 and has a host of built-in extras. Chief among them are the 13 extra accompaniment styles, 10 additional preset songs, and an added instrument voice. It also has a phrase recorder for you to record and play back previous performances and ideas.

The arranger also has onboard effects, such as reverb and chorus, that help you fill out the sound. And thanks to Duo Mode, you can even practice with a friend or teacher! Once you hit the Duo Mode button,

the keys will be split into two separate keyboards with the same octave range. and is a rock-solid keyboard to learn with. If you’re a Yamaha PSR-E273, you won’t regret it.

61 full-sized synth-action keys facilitate a transition to other arrangers as players advance

32-note polyphony encourages more complex and imaginative musical expression

Portable Grand button gives quick access to the beautiful Yamaha Portable Grand Piano voice

Built-in effects foster creativity

Yamaha Education Suite allows you to practice preset songs or your own tunes through the aux in

143 accompaniment styles enable you to play along with a backing band

Duo mode splits the keyboard into 2 halves with the same octave range for partner practice_


貨號: 14901008 分類:
體積 寬度 940 mm (37”)
高度 104 mm (4-1/8”)
深度 317 mm (12-1/2”)
重量 重量 4.0 kg (8 lb,13 oz)(不含電池)
鍵盤 琴鍵數 61
顯示畫面 類型 LCD 顯示螢幕
語言 英語
面板 語言 英文
音源取樣 音源取樣技術 AWM 立體聲取樣
發聲數 發聲數(最多) 32
預設 音色數 384 音色 + 17 鼓組/SFX 組
類型 殘響 9 種
合唱 5種類型
主等化器 6種類型
超寬立體聲 3種類型
功能 面板延音 Yes
預設 內建伴奏風格數 143
指法 智慧和弦/多重指法
伴奏風格控制 ACMP 開啟/關閉,同步開始,開始/停止,前奏/尾奏/漸慢,主奏/自動過門
其它功能 單鍵設定 (OTS) Yes
預設 內建樂曲數 112(包括和弦練習曲:12)
錄音 樂曲數 1
錄音軌數 1
資料容量 約 300 音符
課程/引導 課程/引導 [1聆聽&學習],[2節拍練習],[3等待]
整體控制 節拍器 Yes
拍速範圍 11 – 280
移調 -12 至 0,0 至 +12
調音 427.0 - 440.0 - 453.0 Hz(約 0.2Hz 增量)
雙人演奏 Yes
雜項 鋼琴按鈕 是 (攜帶式平台鋼琴)
連接 直流 輸入 12 V
耳機插孔 標準立體聲耳機孔(耳機/輸出)
輔助踏板 Yes
AUX IN 立體聲迷你插孔
擴大機 2.5 W + 2.5 W
喇叭 12 cm x 2
耗電量 6 W(使用PA-130或Yamaha建議的同等AC轉接器時)
自動關機功能 Yes
電源供應 變壓器 AC 轉接器 PA-130、PA-3C 或 Yamaha 建議的等同產品
電池 六個 1.5 V「AA」型鹼性電池 (LR6),錳電池 (R6) 或六個 1.2 V「AA」型鎳氫可充電電池 (HR6)
附件 譜架 (視所在地不同, 可能無法提供選購) Yes