Fender Player Telecaster Vintage 52 ANG 限量款 電吉他

Fender FSR Player Telecaster 這是一款限量版Fender,墨西哥廠Player系列Tele,配備了美國製造的“Pure Vintage ’52”,這也是一款受歡迎的皮卡!琴身顏色也提供限量“Aged Natural”陳年自然木,這在一般產品中是沒有的!

Fender FSR 代表 Fender Special Run,很容易被定義為限量版的特殊樂器,通常在一生中出現一次限量款。如果你喜歡一個人的樣子,你最好快點!

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Fender Player Telecaster Aged Natural limited Edition 限量版 陳年自然木

Fender FSR Player Telecaster ANG 陳年自然木。毫無疑問,這把吉他的多功能性和聲音血統
Alder 琴身為這把吉他提供了完整、清晰和平衡的核心音色,而楓木琴頸則提升了音符的清晰度和延音。

  • 量生產:墨西哥廠 Mexico
  • Player系列:手感和音色都設計得更為現代。
  • Aged Natural 陳年自然木琴身
  • Fender USA Pure Vintage 52″ 拾音器
  • Fender Special Player Telecaster成員之一
  • 精密加工榿木琴身
  • 2 Player 系列單線圈 
  • 現代C字琴頸
  • 9.5英寸半徑楓木指板
  • 穿弦式琴橋

什麼是Fender FSR?

Fender FSR 代表『Fender Special Run』。
有時 Fender 的日本製造樂器也被歸類為 FSR,因為它們不是為歐洲或美國/墨西哥市場製造的。

Fender Player Tele
Fender USA
Pure Vintage 52 拾音器

Pure Vintage ’52 Tele 拾音器以真正復古風格的聲音與經典的 Telecaster snap 

Fender Player Tele

22 Fret 的現代 C 形琴頸
透過 22 格Fret,
4 個八度音程的範圍。

Fender Player Tele

Aged Natural



Fender Player Tele
經典 Fender Telecaster 琴頭設計
Fender Player Tele
附贈日本內銷Fender 軟袋


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反拍樂器 FB



Fender Limited Edition Player Stratocaster MN 3TS CAKE

FENDER offers a wide range of electric, acoustic, bass, mandolin, banjo and violin guitars, as well as instrument amplifiers,

PA systems, effects and accessories for instruments such as picks, strings, straps, covers and cables.

The Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company was founded in 1946 by Clarence Leonidas Fender. Leo created

the first mass-produced electric guitar – the Telecaster (initially known as Broadcaster). The earliest use of this

instrument in a recording dates back to 1947 – it was Arthur Smith’s “Guitar Boogie”. In 1951, the Fender range is

The latest Player series from Fender enters the market in the form of legendary telecasters.

Leo Fender sold his shares to the American media tycoon, CBS, which owned the brand for the next 20 years.

In 1985 the rights to the brand were bought by William Schultz, but the factory had to be built from scratch. Currently

Fender Player Telecaster

Telecaster – a paddle that needs no introduction. I have been a Telecaster owner for a year and it is exactly as

I expected. The sound is super warm, the look is simply amazing in this color version

The only drawback is the angular, not contoured body in the upper part

which results in pain in the ribs when playing for a long time. Inconvenient body can be

forgiven for a crazy, beautiful neck. When playing overdrive, you can hear an unpleasant

“crack” when changing the pickup with a switch. Despite this, I rate the guitar 5/5. I recommend to everyone

This is a limited edition FSR with the popular Mexican player series Telecaster

equipped with the USA-made “Pure Vintage ’52 Telecaster”, which is also a popular pickup!

The body color is also limited to “Aged Natural”, which is not found in regular products.

The body color is also limited to “Aged Natural”, which is not found in regular products.





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Fender Player Telecaster MN Aged Natural limited Edition

  • 顏色/琴身:Aged Natural 自然陳年
  • 身體形狀: Telecaster
  • 弦數:6弦
  • 頸部結構:頸部螺栓
  • Fret琴衍:22
  • 標尺長度:25,5" (648 mm)
  • 琴身主體材料:榿木
  • 琴頸:楓木
  • 琴頸輪廓:現代“C”
  • 指板:一塊。楓木
  • 指板半徑:9,5"
  • 指板鑲嵌:黑點
  • 拾音器配置:SS(2x 單線圈)
  • 琴頸拾音器:Fender USA Pure Vintage '52 Telecaster Single-Coil Tele®
  • 琴橋拾音器:Fender USA Pure Vintage '52 Telecaster
  • 拾音器選擇開關:3路開關
  • 控制:1x 音量,1x 音調
  • 琴橋/顫音:Fender 6-Saddle String-Through-Body Tele® 帶塊鋼鞍座
  • 硬件:鎳/鉻
  • 出廠時琴弦厚度:0.009 - 0.042
  • 特殊功能:限量特殊型號 Fender FSR(Fender Special Run)
  • 包含的配件:日本內銷 Gig Bag 軟包。
  • 原產國:墨西哥