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Gruvgear VELOC Hardware Bag 19×36″ 五金腳架收納包

VELOC 收納系統完全整合收納填補了運輸上的困擾,並將改變世界各地鼓手及其技術人員的生活(和背部疼痛)!

此商品僅只有Hardware 19×36″五金架包

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Gruvgear VELOC Hardware Bag 19×36″ 五金腳架收納包

注意!此商品僅只有Hardware 19×36″五金架包

  • 堅固的 ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼
  • 1680D 防水尼龍布料與 EVA 融合編織
  • 金屬標誌和配件
  • 堅固的軟墊手柄好提攜
  • 可調節緩衝舒適肩背袋(除硬件包外的所有帶)
  • 銅鈸收納包和五金包上獨特的卡扣式輪子
  • 鼓包中可拆卸的襯墊適合更大的鼓桶身
  • 鋁/鋼折疊車,輪子永不漏氣!
  • 職業樂手、音響同行、樂器出租 解決鼓組運輸最大的福音!

重要提示: 在將琴盒放入任何貨艙、車廂之前,必須先拆下銅鈸包和五金包上的輪子, 以防止損壞。誤用或濫用造成的損壞可能不在保修範圍內。

Gruvgear VELOC Drum Bag


Gruvgear VELOC Hardware Bag 有了新的 VELOC 運輸系統,一次運輸整個套鼓已成為現實。

方便、安全、簡單、好操作、拖拉行動 解決全世界鼓手的壓力所在!

VELOC 系列採用高品質、適合旅行運輸使用的混合箱採用堅韌、堅固的面料製成,並融合了ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼

完整的旅行收納包具有最常見的小鼓、落地鼓和筒鼓尺寸,以及雙踏板、銅鈸、鼓棒和五金配件包 – 所有這些都連接到巧妙的磁性安裝軌道車,以實現一次史詩般的裝載!


Gruvgear VELOC Hardware Bag 系列革命性的收納包可以直立支撐,並且均可以透過一條減壓背帶攜帶
銅鈸袋可以呈扇形展開,以實現無與倫比的可操作性和便利收納。它還配備了可拆卸的伸縮手柄、Gruv Gear 專有的“卡扣式”輪子(首次在 Kapsule 旅行吉他包上引入)以及內置 TSA 鎖。

VELOC drum bags are offered in the following sizes:

  •      10×8 Rack Tom
  •      12×10 Rack Tom
  •      14×6 Snare
  •      16×14 Floor Tom
  •      22×18 Bass/Kick
  •       22″ Cymbals
  •       19×12 Double Pedal
  •       19×36 Hardware Bag
Gruvgear VELOC Drum Bag
Gruvgear VELOC Drum Bag


Gruvgear VELOC Drum Bag


Gruvgear VELOC Drum Bag


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Hauling an entire drum kit in one trip is now a reality with the new VELOC transport system.

The complete travel-ready hybrid bags come in the most common snare,

All connecting to the ingenious magnetic-mount rail cart for one epic load-out!

The high-quality, tour-ready hybrid cases are constructed with tough, robust fabrics fused with an ABS/polycarbonate shell.

They are available in the most common sizes for snare, kick and toms, and feature comfortable handles and shoulder strap options.

The patent-pending design lets players access drums from either top or front, making them the most versatile drum bags ever designed.

The VELOC range also includes cases for double pedals, hardware and cymbals, all mountable on the cart.

Cymbal case has a similar construction as the other VELOC cases with a few ingenious extras:

Using a pair of standard drum sticks, the revolutionary case can be propped upright,

and with the release of one strap allows the cymbal pockets to fan out for unmatched accessibility and convenience.

It also comes with a detachable telescoping handle, Gruv Gear’s proprietary

“snap-on” wheels first introduced on the Kapsule travel guitar bag,

and a built-in TSA lock, making it the ultimate travel-ready cymbal case.

The fully-integrated VELOC consists of a lightweight aluminum cart with an ingenious

magnetic mount rail onto which the cases attach and stack vertically,

creating a shelf-like system with convenient front openings for each case./p>

This means the cases can be left on the cart, allowing drummers to set up and break down much quicker than ever before.

Once loaded, the VELOC cart can be moved with minimal effort in its tilted mode,

with weight supported by the 4 never-flat wheels and ergonomic handle. Drummers,

roadies and drum techs can easily maneuver through tight doorways, narrow aisles, and busy parking lots using just one hand.

The fully integrated approach of the VELOC Drum Transport System fills a gap in the market

and is set to transform the lives (and aching backs) of drummers and their techs, everywhere!








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重量 5 公斤
尺寸 40 × 40 × 18 公分
VHDW 19x36 Instrument 樂器:Hardware 五金架包 Depth 深度:10” Diameter 直徑:19” Length長度:36” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:卡扣式滾輪*2、伸縮式手把、連接環扣

VKCK 22x18 Instrument 樂器:Kick 22x18 大鼓 Depth 深度:18” Diameter 直徑:22” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條

VTOM 14x16 Instrument 樂器:Floor Tom 14x16 落地鼓 Depth 深度:14” Diameter 直徑:16” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條 VTOM 10x12 Instrument 樂器:Rock tom 10x12 筒鼓 Depth 深度:10” Diameter 直徑:12” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條 VTOM 10x8 Instrument 樂器:Rock tom 8x10 筒鼓 Depth 深度:8” Diameter 直徑:10” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條 VCTM 22” Instrument 樂器:Cymbal Bag 銅鈸袋 Diameter 直徑:22” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:卡扣式滾輪*2、伸縮式手把、連接環扣 VSNR-14x6 Instrument 樂器:Snare 14x6 小鼓 Depth 深度:6" Diameter 直徑:14" Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條

VKCK 22x18 Instrument 樂器:Kick 22x18 大鼓 Depth 深度:18” Diameter 直徑:22” Material 材質:ABS/聚碳酸酯外殼、1680尼龍布料(具有防撥水) Accessories 配件:減壓背帶一條

VCRT-55-BLK Type 類型:VELOC 磁力運輸車 Material 材質:銀、鐵鋁