LTD SN-1000 FR – Black Blast 大搖 電吉他 黑色

ESP LTD SN-1000 FR 以其經典的機身風格和噴砂表面,令人瞬間回頭率。其令人驚嘆的美麗外觀引人注目,同時其異常專注且和諧豐富的音色充滿耳朵。由兩個 Seymour Duncan Hot Stat 單線圈和一個 Seymour Duncan Pegasus 雙線圈組成的強大 HSS 配置,非常適合激進的節奏演奏和灼熱的主奏工作。

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NT$39,376 NT$42,800

LTD SN-1000 FR – Black Blast 大搖 電吉他 黑色

LTD SN-1000 FR – Black Blast 電吉他特點:

  • 傳統 ESP Snapper 機身形狀,具有引人注目的噴砂表面
  • 快速、超舒適「U」型烤楓木細琴頸
  • 上指板扇形設計增強了頂音的清晰度
  • 正品 Floyd Rose 1000SE 顫音琴橋
  • 灼熱而激進的 HSS Seymour Duncan 拾音器
  • 22 個不銹鋼品絲; 25.5吋刻度
  • 經濟型斧頭中的 ESP 品質

LTD SN-1000 FR Black Blast

LTD SN-1000 FR 配備了 Floyd Rose 1000SE 顫音琴橋,因此您可以在演奏過程中演奏出巨大的俯衝炸彈,而不會導致吉他走音。由兩個 Seymour Duncan Hot Stat 單線圈和一個 Seymour Duncan Pegasus 雙線圈組成的強大 HSS 配置,非常適合激進的節奏演奏和灼熱的主奏工作。


LTD SN-1000 FR 具有令人驚嘆的噴砂沼澤梣木琴體,採用 ESP 傳統的 Snapper 吉他形狀,堪稱完美之作。它不僅看起來令人難以置信,而且還投射出明亮、清脆的音調,具有強勁的中音和緊湊的低音。與之相輔相成的是華麗的烤楓木琴頸,具有超舒適的薄 U 型材和令人愉悅的彈性。碎木學家會欣賞從第 17 品開始的上部扇形設計,它增強了高音區的清晰度。

LTD SN-1000
LTD SN-1000

激進且令人驚嘆的 HSS 配置

LTD SN-1000 FR 配備了兩個 Seymour Duncan Hot Strat 單線圈拾音器和一個 Seymour Duncan Pegasus 雙線圈拾音器。在琴橋位置,Pegasus 憑藉其定制纏繞線圈和 Alnico V 磁鐵,具有令人印象深刻的聲音清晰度。 Hot Strat 單線圈將閃爍的 Strat 風格高端聲音轉變為強勁有力、雙線圈拾音器般的咆哮聲。這種強大的組合非常適合磨出厚重的強力和弦和令人融化的獨奏。

LTD SN-1000

灼熱而激進的 HSS Seymour Duncan 拾音器

LTD SN-1000


LTD SN-1000

LTD SN-1000 BlackBlast

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If you’re a singer who performs anywhere outside the studio, a hand-held dynamic microphone is usually your best choice for rugged, reliable, consistent sound.

Roasted maple is a material whose rigidity is increased by heat-treating maple at a high

temperature to volatilize the water and oil in the material. When used on the neck, its effect extends

not only to stability but also to sound, producing a rich live sound and aged vintage-like tone.

The “BTE-2-RSM / M” announced as the first RSM series that adopted roasted maple was equipped with a P-90 type on the front PU.

This time, in response to the requests from many users, we have developed a model “BTE-1-RSM / M”

equipped with a single pickup on both the front and rear like the traditional TE model.

The single coil pickup, combined with the characteristics of roasted maple, outputs a crispy cutting sound.

Neck Roasted Maple

Body Hardwood

Every aspect of this instrument is engineered for technical playing styles. The Thin U neck profile is

fast under your fingers, joining the body with a sculpted heel that allows for easy high-fret access.

And its 24 extra-jumbo frets offer maximum control. The simple volume, tone, and 3-way switch

electronics package makes dialing in your tones a quick process. And the guitar’s Tune-o-matic bridge

and stop tailpiece offer a familiar way to anchor the strings for increased sustain and tuning stability

The matching quilted maple on the top and headstock of this guitar are what separates the MH-401NT

With the ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1000 EMG solidbody electric guitar plugged into your amplifier

you’re primed for pure rock fury. You get eternal sustain from the Eclipse’s set-neck design

which keeps it resonating longer than bolt-on designs

You’ve got powerful, articulate tone on demand thanks to EMG humbucking pickups

From chiming cleans to growling high-gain tones, this guitar covers a lot of tonal territory

Find out why some of the most aggressive guitarists choose ESP

The ESP LTD EC-1000T CTM EverTune is a classic single-cutaway with all the trimmings.

This electric guitar boasts a traditional full-thickness, maple-topped mahogany body with set-through construction for maximum resonance and sustain

Its 3-piece mahogany neck is capped by a fast-playing, modern-radius Macassar ebony fingerboard. Discerning tone chasers will appreciate this axe’s active Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker pickups, which conjure up everything from crystal cleans to overdriven crunch and even molten-hot high gain with equal aplomb.

And you’ll stay in tune longer and with better intonation, thanks to this guitar’s EverTune bridge. Custom multi-ply binding and eye-grabbing gold/black hardware round out the LTD EC-1000

Nothing screams hard rock like ESP’s LTD Eclipse body style.

The extra mass of this single-cutaway design gives the LTD EC-1000T CTM EverTune truly epic sustain,

whereas its slightly arched top provides comfortable hand positioning no matter what your playing style.

Add to that a super-sharp cutaway for easy access to all 22 frets, and you’re equipped for all manner of rock, metal, and shred tones.

The EverTune bridge on the LTD EC-1000T CTM EverTune is a mechanical system that helps

you stay in tune under any playing situation. Long-lasting tuning stability and accurate intonation are supplied by small springs that keep consistent tension on your strings.

ESP LTD guitars were created to bring a more affordable version of the classic designs and quality of ESP guitars to a new market.

The entire ESP LTD line features premium tonewoods, quality pickups, and solid hardware for a lifetime of use. An exacting eye for detail and quality

means that every instrument is ready to rock when it leaves the factory. An impressive list of signature guitars

by some of today’s biggest guitar heroes shows the popularity and respect held by

ESP LTD. If you’re looking for the perfect rock or metal guitar, then you need to check out ESP LTD guitars.

The LTD SN-1000 FR comes loaded with two Seymour Duncan Hot Strat single-coil pickups and a Seymour Duncan Pegasus humbucker.

In the bridge position, the Pegasus has impressive sonic clarity, due to its custom-wound coils and Alnico V magnet.



貨號: 10218008 分類: ,



Body Type 琴身:Solidbody 實心

Body Shape 琴身:LTD SN-1000

Body Material 琴身材質:Swamp Ash 沼澤灰

Body Finish 琴身表面:Satin 緞

Color 顏色:Black Blast 黑色爆破


Neck Material 琴頸材質:Roasted Maple 烤楓木

Neck Shape 琴頸形狀:Thin U 薄型U

Neck Joint 琴頸關節:Bolt-on

Radius 半徑:12" - 16" compound

Fingerboard Material 指板材質:Roasted Maple 烤楓木

Fingerboard Inlay 指板鑲嵌:Abalone Dots

Number of Frets 琴衍數量:24, Extra Jumbo, Stainless Steel

Scale Length 標尺長度:25.5"

Nut Width:1.653"

Nut Material :Locking


Bridge/Tailpiece 琴橋:Floyd Rose 1000SE Locking Tremolo Tuners 弦鈕:Grover


Neck Pickup 琴頸拾音器:Seymour Duncan hot Strat Single-coil

Middle Pickup 中置拾音器:Seymour Duncan hot Strat Single-coil

Bridge Pickup 琴橋拾音器:Seymour Duncan Pegasus Humbucker

Controls 控制項: 1 x master volume, 1 x master tone (push/push coil-split)

Switching 拾音器切換: 5-way blade pickup switch

Strings D'Addario, .009-.042