Remo 10吋 透明鼓皮 BE-0310-00 EMPEROR®Clear 系列

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NT$620 NT$830

This item: Remo 10吋 透明鼓皮 BE-0310-00 EMPEROR®Clear 系列
NT$620 NT$830
NT$620 NT$830
Zildjian PLZ4PK 銅鈸套拔組 四片裝
NT$6,400 NT$7,000
NT$740 NT$990

Remo 10吋 透明鼓皮 BE-0310-00

Emperor® Clear 鼓面具有攻擊性、投射性和更高的耐用性。由兩層 7-mil Clear 薄膜構成的Emperor® Clear 鼓面在 Hard Rock、Funk 和 R&B 鼓手中最受歡迎。

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  • Ideal for Tom, Snare and Bass drum applications
  • Available in sizes 6" - 40"
  • 2-plies of 7-mil Clear film
  • Most popular among Hard Rock, Funk and R&B drummers
  • Feature attack, projection and increased durability