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Rotosound JK10 木吉他弦 磷青銅弦 extra light 10-50

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Rotosound JK10 木吉他弦


從 Pink Floyd 到 Guns ‘n Roses,從 Queen 到 Nirvana,世界上最好的演奏者都選擇了 Rotosound 琴弦。

與搖滾傳奇人物合作開發我們的琴弦,包括 Iron Maiden 的 Steve Harris、Billy Sheehan 和 The Who’s John Entwistle。

Rotosound 琴弦一直處於開創性音樂的前沿,已成為英國音調的代名詞

以實惠的價格製造優質琴弦的承諾,已經由每一代音樂家一次又一次地選擇 Rotosound 琴弦而得正。

Rotosound JK10 木吉他弦 規格

10. 14. 20w. 28w. 40w. 50w.

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Continually at the cutting-edge of groundbreaking music, Rotosound strings have become synonymous with the British Tone having been used on era-defining records from The British Invasion, Punk, New Wave, Brit Pop, and Indie.

A commitment to making quality strings at an affordable price has seen musicians of every generation choose Rotosound strings time and time again.

Six decades of development and road testing from the world’s leading musicians has lead to our range of electric guitar strings. From smooth Pure Nickels to cutting British Steels, we make a guitar string for everyone.

Where Rotosound made its name! Since the sixties we’ve been creating innovative designs that provide players with an unrivalled tone and quality of bass guitar string.

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弦徑:10. 14. 20w. 28w. 40w. 50w.