Sennheiser ADP UHF ANTENNA 扇板天線

Sennheiser 無線系統 為您在舞台、教會、會議室或任何其他需要移動性以及乾淨、清晰、可理解的聲音應用程序提供所需的可靠性。有這麼多旅遊、專業人士喜歡 Sennheiser 的原因:他們知道他們可以日復一日地依賴這些無線產品。
從手持式麥克風發射器到腰包式裝置,從多功能機架式接收器到優質配件,Sennheiser 對他們生產的每一款無線產品都做出了質量承諾。

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Sennheiser ADP UHF ANTENNA 扇板天線


  • Evolution Wireless Digital 系列無線音頻產品的一部分
  • 適合 EW-D EM 接收器、EW300-500、EW100……多種設備。
  • 定向設計
  • 470 – 1075 MHz 寬帶
  • BNC 連接器
  • 無源設計——無需外部電源

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Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital products give you the reliability you need onstage, on the worship platform, in the meeting room, or for any other application that requires mobility plus clean, clear

, intelligible sound. There’s a reason so many touring professionals prefer Sennheiser: they know they can count on these wireless products day in and day out

From handheld mic-based transmitters to bodypack units, from versatile rackmountable receivers to premium-quality accessories,

Sennheiser puts a commitment to quality in every wireless product they make.

As part of the Evolution Wireless Digital family of products, the Sennheiser ADP UHF directional antenna is specially designed to fit your Sennheiser EW-D EM receiver, and is backward compatible with all previous Evolution Wireless Systems.

Its passive design requires no external power. Searching for legitimate OEM Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital parts? Order your ADP UHF directional antenna through Sweetwater today.

Part of the Evolution Wireless Digital family of wireless audio products

Directional design

BNC connector

Fits the EW-D EM receiver

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital, Evolution Wireless G2/G3/G4

Frequency Range: 470-1075 MHz, Wideband




  • 阻抗:50 Ω
  • 尺寸:319 x 310 mm
  • 重量:Approx. 1100 g (2.43 lbs)
  • 增益:typ. 5 dBi
適用型號: EW-D全系列


EM 6000 ASA 3000 ACA 3

EM 300-500 G4 EM 100 G4

EW 500 G4-KK205 EW 500 G4-Ci1 EW 500 G4-MKE2 EW 500 G4-965 EW 500 G4-945 EW 500 G4-935

EW 300 G4-BASE COMBO EW 300 G4-BASE SK-RC EW 300 G4-BASE SKM-S EW 300 G4-ME2-RC EW 300 G4-HEADMIC1-RC EW 300 G4-865-S

EW 100 G4-ME2/835-S EW 100 G4-Ci1 EW 100 G4-ME4 EW 100 G4-ME3 EW 100 G4-ME2 EW 100 G4-945-S EW 100 G4-935-S EW 100 G4-865-S EW 100 G4-845-S EW 100 G4-835-S