Fender Player Stratocaster EB Neon Green 烏木 霓虹綠 電吉他

Fender Player 系列專為追求正宗 Fender 風格和音色的吉他手而設計,價格實惠。這
款限量版 FSR 型號為您提供普通 Player Strat 的所有靈活性,但配備如絲般光滑的烏木指板和充滿活力的霓虹綠配色!採用 Alnico 拾音器清晰、清晰的音色而設計。

  • 公司貨、享保固
  • 實體門市 / 網路同步銷售
  • 附有錄音室及音控師工程人員詢問
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NT$32,800 NT$40,900

Fender Player Stratocaster EB Neon Green 烏木 霓虹綠 電吉他

  • 製琴生產:墨西哥廠 Mexico
  • Neon Green 霓虹綠
  • 精密加工榿木琴身
  • Alnico V 單線圈具有您對 Strat 所期望的鐵味音色、豐富衝擊性
  • 現代C字琴頸
  • 9.5英寸半徑楓木指板
  • 2點支撐顫音琴橋
Fender Player Stratocaster EB
Player系列 拾音器

Player Series 拾音器與真正的 Fender Tone 相得益彰。對經典聲音的現代調整。

Fender Player Stratocaster EB



Fender Player Stratocaster EB
2 點顫音琴橋

2 點支撐顫音琴橋用於平滑和出色的顫音動作。

Fender Player Stratocaster EB
經典Fender 琴頭設計



Player Stratocaster “F” 印章頸牌是真品的證明。

粉絲頁直接詢問 :

反拍樂器 FB



Fender Limited Edition Player Stratocaster MN 3TS CAKE

FENDER offers a wide range of electric, acoustic, bass, mandolin, banjo and violin guitars, as well as instrument amplifiers,

PA systems, effects and accessories for instruments such as picks, strings, straps, covers and cables.

The Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company was founded in 1946 by Clarence Leonidas Fender. Leo created

the first mass-produced electric guitar – the Telecaster (initially known as Broadcaster). The earliest use of this

instrument in a recording dates back to 1947 – it was Arthur Smith’s “Guitar Boogie”. In 1951, the Fender range is

expanded by the Precision Bass (P-Bass) and in 1954 by the Stratocaster. In 1965, as his health did not improve,

Leo Fender sold his shares to the American media tycoon, CBS, which owned the brand for the next 20 years.

In 1985 the rights to the brand were bought by William Schultz, but the factory had to be built from scratch. Currently

production takes place mainly in factories in Corona, in California and in Ensenada, Mexico. Instruments are also

manufactured in Japan under the Fender brand, but apart from a few models (re-editions and signatures), they are

directed exclusively to the local American market.

The Fender Limited Edition Player Stratocaster guitar is a unique instrument from the limited series. Made of alder, it

Najnowsza seria Player od Fendera wkracza na rynek pod postacią legendarnych telecasterów. Dwa przetworniki

typu single-coil pozwalają na uzyskanie poszukiwanego przez gitarzystów na całym świecie delikatnie

brzęczącego brzmienia. Świetnie sprawdzi się przy nagrywaniu subtelnych partii solowych oraz ozbodników

To doskonały wybór dla muzyków pragnących przejrzystego i niepodrabialnego brzmienia. _





  • 琴身:榿木
  • 琴頸:楓木,“Modern C”
  • 指板:With Ebony 烏木
  • 指板半徑:9.5
  • 琴橋:帶彎鋼鞍座的 2 點顫音琴橋
  • 拾音器系統:SSS 單單單
  • 拾音器: 上段:Player Series Alnico V Strat Single-coil 中段:Player Series Alnico V Strat Single-coil 下段:Player Series Alnico V Strat Single-coil
  • 控制旋鈕:1xVolume,2x Tone
  • 開關:5位切換
  • 護板:3 層黑色護板
  • 顏色:Neon Green 霓虹綠
  • 琴弦:Fender USA 250L 鍍鎳鋼(0.009-.042 規格)

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